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Boss 302 Selected As Best Driver's Car Contender

Motortrend Boss 302 Best Drivers Car

For the last few years Motortrend Magazine has been pitting the world's best handling sports cars against each other to find what they believe is the Best Driver's Car. For the test each vehicle will be judged by race car driver Randy Pobst on various criteria including handling, braking, acceleration and best lap times. Recently Motortrend has been slowly announcing which vehicles will partake in the competition and on Sunday the one car that bears the name of the track was officially added to the list, the 2012 Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca! Check out Randy's driving impressions of the Boss 302 Laguna Seca below and be sure to check back on September 12th to see which vehicle was chosen as the 2011 Motortrend Best Driver's Car.

"The way it comes off the second-gear hairpin, I cannot believe the way it hooks up. They musta had, like, John Force doing the drag racing setup, because I virtually couldn't knock it loose. I couldn't...I mean, I was...the first time I was real careful. I'm like "Yeah, I know what this thing's gonna do..." I get on the power, and it just drives off. I'm...wow. So the second time around...more. The third time around...more. And it just digs outta there. I'd love to know how they got it to hook up like that. It puts power down so well. Extremely well-balanced car. A joy to drive. Didn't even feel very crude, tell you the truth. Felt pretty well-balanced. A little bit of body roll, but stick. Lord have mercy, it's better than the Shelby GT500 we tested a while back. Handled better than a Porsche Cayman."

"I did get a crunch on the 3-4 shift once, which was a little bit of a surprise."

"The brakes had had enough by the end of the second lap. They were hot and starting to fade for sure. But the braking was excellent. I didn't feel the kind of brake dive that we've complained about in Mustangs before."

"Hard to say if that front splitter is doing anything. It looks like it would do something. But it isn't very close to the ground, being a street car. And I would think that without a real wing, if that was really working, the car would be very pointy and very ass-y, and it's not. So my first guess would be to say no, it's not doing very much. But it sure looks like a real live race car splitter."

"That's a great-running engine. Big, fat power curve from the engine. It's making the same power from 5 rpm to 7500 rpm, it feels like to me."

"Clearly better than any other Mustang I've driven. Great soundtrack, too. Just makes me want to put a couple of American flags on the hood like the old presidential limousines. They'd look just right on a Mustang. I'm just so impressed."

Source: Motortrend Magazine

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