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Default 93 5.0LX Studdering at 1000-2000 RPM, RPM Flux, stalling etc

O.k. I've got just over 51,000 original miles on this 93, and about I wanna say three weeks ago I started noticing the check engine light coming on intermittenly, no noticeably issues at that time. I then noticed that there was some chugging issues so I figured it was probably the air filter as I have the March Ram Air kit installed and the filter gets clogged pretty easy. Flushed and Refreshed the K&N filter and re-installed, and got nothing. I figured then that I would change out my spark plugs. Well before I had the chance the symptoms changed. I was still getting the intermitten check engine light, and the chugging went away, but I started getting a stutter or hesitation between 1000-2000 RPM, under cruise conditions. Under heavy acceleration would go smoothly through the 1000-2000 range. I changed out the plugs, wires, cap, rotor and changed out the canister filter outside the fuel tank and the stutter got a bit better but it's still very noticeable. Then yesterday a new symptom occured I pulled into Autozone to see if I could have the codes read, and when I parked and and let idle it rev'd from say 900 to like 2,500 and then back down again and back up. Of course Autzone couldn't read the codes. So I read on this site how to do the makeshift code reader thing. I pulled codes for TPS and fuel Pump. The one other thing that I have noticed too over the last three of four weeks is that I am getting the pinging noise when accelerating sometimes in say like 2nd or 3rd gear. I think I've read somehere that this could be a clocking issue with the distrubuter.

I know this is long winded and I'm sorry about that, I'm just trying to give as much info as possible. I'm figuring on cleaning the EAC, MAF, Throttle body and I remember seeing somewhere instructions for setting the TPS. Should that be cleaned as well?

One thing I should also mention is I've got the Ford Motorsports Cobra upper and lower intake (Ya I know cheap China Version) I got boned. But anyway I have had to switch the sizes of some vacuum lines as they were causing the car to sometimes smoke something awful on start-up. Since the change though that has completely gone away. Just thought I'd add that in, just in case that could be a problem as well. But it's been on the car since about 7,000 miles.

Please help if you can, I'm gettin really bummed and the last time I brought it to a mechanic I got screwed hence the upper and lower intake.
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