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Privacy Policy
- General website usage
Muscularmustangs.com in no way records your name, address, phone number or other personal information at any time. We do however record your IP address to track the usage of visitors to this site. We do not use this information to track your movements anywhere else on the web, nor do we sell, lease, or give any of this info to third partys.
- Forums
We do use cookies to enable you to go through the pages on our forums without having to login over and over again. This is not to track you in any other place other than in our forums.
- E-mail
We use a third party to host our e-mail. When signing up for this e-mail service you will be asked for personal info including your name, address, etc but this information is for the third party's (everyone.net) records only. This will not be sold to any other partys. To see the specifics on everyone.net's privacy policy please visit it here.
- Advertising banners
Muscularmustangs.com uses various advertising companies to host and create advertising banners for our site. Some of these banner programs may at times use cookies for the sole purpose of tracking your visits to those banners.

Muscularmustangs.com will never contact you asking for any personal information, nor will we send you any type of spam e-mail. If you are receiving such e-mail please contact us asap. Also feel free to e-mail us at any time if you have questions about this policy.