Doug Mangrum Tribute

Doug Mangrum was the first Pro 5.0 driver ever to run a time under 6 seconds. Doug Mangrum is, like John Gullett, known by his quick times.

In the last few years Doug has changed his car and broke records. Last year he changed his car and wasn't racing a lot in mustang racing.

This year Doug decided to be in the second Fun Ford event. Having John Gullett bet the record in the first Fun Ford event was making Doug get ready for the event. Doug already had very quick times. In quailifying Doug Mangrum ran the first ever six second run, a 6.980! John Gullett followed right behind Doug with a 7.009. Chuck Samuel followed behind them with a 7.548. Well the quickest time in round 1 was Doug Mangrum with a 7.021. Chuck Samuel broke the speed record with a 200.92. John ran a 7.967, but won against Brit Floyd.In round 2 Chuck broke the speed record again with a 203.65 with a 7.1. Chuck didn't win, but Doug won the race. John failed to bet Chuck in the second round.

Doug for now has the Fun Ford record. Will he go any quicker than he has?