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2006 Mustang Rumors
2006 Pony Package Grill
Mustang grill available with the upcoming "Pony Package"

     The 2006 Mustang is waiting impatiently in its stable, ready to be unleashed. Although the truth of the matter is that not all that many people are shaking in their boots over the wait until the next model year comes around, its still cool to know that Ford is adding to its latest interpretation of the Mustang. Here goes some of the latest "rumors" on whats to come on the next model:

Pony Package
This package will be available for the V6 model and will offer some extra little exterior enhancements. Including: New rocker panel stripes, running pony floor mats, a new grill with two small foglights with classic design, a new lower grill, and also a horse badge on the front fenders.

New 18" GT Wheels
The 2006 GT will be equipped with a new set of wheels. These are said to be the same set of wheels on the Convertible GT, although Ford stated that the wheels used on the convertible were 17's.

HID'S for 2006?
Ford recently published this image of the Mustang Chief Designer, Larry Erickson. In the background there is an image projected on the wall of what seems to be a 2005 V6, but upon closer inspection there are a few differences. First off the biggest thing i noticed was the headlights. They seem much different looking than the ones on the current Mustang. The reflector seems to be much flatter, and could possibly be HID, aka High Intensity Discharge Headlights.
Mustang Chief Designer, Larry Erickson
Original Image

2006 Mustang HID Headlights
Close up of HID's?

A few other things to notice. The left front turn signal is clear/white. This should be an amber color, so could this be a sign of clear turn signals as an option for '06? Secondly the mirrors are color coded, another feature for '06? Finally in the picture you can only see the left half of the car, but if you look in the reflection you can clearly see the entire front end of this Mustang including a license plate that says "V6".

2006 Mustang reflection
Close up of HID's?

* More Information will be available as we get it. Keep checking back. *