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Dream Car Factory 500 GT Mustang

     There is several different takes on the new Mustang. Saleen, Roush, and Steeda all have their own limited edition muscle car. But suppose you want something more exclusive. The Dream Car Factory (DCF), the only registered automobile re-manufacturer in the United States, has put together their own version of the new Mustang. Offering only 50 of these for 2005 will ensure their exclusivity. Getting your hands on one of these isn't overly difficult either. DCF will order a Mustang and add on all of the options you ask for or you can bring them an `05 that you already own and have them work from there. The choice is yours.

     Choice doesn't end there. You are given a massive list of options that will keep your head swirling in a daze for a good couple of months. When you snap out of your confused daze, you will find navigation and entertainment packages, several different interior and exterior options, three seperate audio packages along with other audio options, and almost anything else you can put in a car. Customer choice is the main idea behind these special editions. While Saleen and Roush offer minimal (but cool) options, DCF allows customers to really get what they want...not just what's available to them.

     The Mustang pictured above is the DCF GT-S Mustang, their own "sleeper" version of the car. The bright, stand out extras are gone. No side stripes, no side scoops, no hood scoops, and a few smaller changes. Spotting this beast lurking around in the dark would truly be amazing. Although this is a "sleeper", it doesn't lack in appeal whatsoever. It may even appeal more to people than DCF's regular 500 GT. We just can't get over that black. It works perfectly.

     So if you want a limited edition car from the big name aftermarket companies that we have all come to love over the years, go out and get yourself one. But if you want a very exclusive, option loaded Mustang from someone dedicated to the customer's choice, check out the people at the Dream Car Factory.