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2006 Saleen S281 Mustang

Image courtesy of Saleen - photoshopping by MuscularMustangs.com

According to an article on Edmunds Inside Line Saleen will be introducing a few upgrades to it's S281 Mustang lineup for 2006. These include horsepower increases, a special new moonroof, and a speedster edition.

More Horsepower
Probably the most important upgrade to potential Saleen buyers is the increase in horsepower for the 2006 model year. With the new Z06 Corvette, and Shelby Cobra GT500 being released with extremely high horsepower numbers it only makes sense that buyers are going to be looking for a hp increase across the board. To combat this Saleen is increasing the power in their mid range Mustang, the S281 SC (supercharged), to 435hp. An increase of 35hp over the 2005 model's 400hp output. Although this number is far from the Z06 Corvette's 505hp, it takes a nice lead over the standard Corvette's 400hp rating. On another note, although this number seems to be close to the Shelby Cobra GT500's rating of "over 450hp" the reality of it is that the GT500 will likely be putting out closer to 500hp. So the main question is, which will buyers go for? The extremly slick styling, and superior handling of the Saleen SC or the grunt of the GT500? I guess only time will tell, but then again Saleen still offers the option of their "Extreme" model with an estimated 500hp for those looking for that grunt and styling.
For 2006 the standard S281 will get a 5hp increase to 330hp from last years 325hp rating. Nothing overly spectacular but every little bit counts.

Cool Tops?
Not sure if that is an assumed name until the product is released or if that will be the actual trademark, but regardless Saleen will be offering a "Cool Tops" line of moonroofs which will extend from the windshield to back window. Until we see one we can only guess it will be somewhat similar (don't quote me on this, its pure speculation) to the Porsche Targa glass roof albeit not as large.

Saleen Speedster
For the convertible buyers there will be a Speedster edition. Just like previous years the Saleen Speedster will add items such as a (likely body color) tonneau cover and light bar to the standard Convertible.

Up from last years $39K price tag the '06 S281 3 Valve will be $42,281. Also up from last year the S281 SC will be $51,102 (convertible: $55,989) which puts it higher than the standard vette's price tag of $43,800, and lower than the Z06's $65K.

To view the original article by Edmunds Inside Line go here
Image courtesy of Saleen Inc changes done to the image (lightbar, and tonneau cover) by MuscularMustangs.com

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