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2006 Saleen Mustangs Uveiled

It was just the other day that we gave you a behind the scenes look at what Saleen had in store for the 2006 Mustang, and now today Saleen has officially unveiled them. As we already stated, the 2006 Saleen S281 3 Valve Mustang will have 330hp (340ft lbs torque) which is five more than last year. Other additions to the '06 are 3.73 rear end gears, Saleen front aero ducting, Saleen design quarter window trim, a new shift knob, and two new color combinations; Vista Blue Clearcoat, and Tungsten Grey Clearcoat.

For the S281 Supercharged there will be an increase in hp to 435. Other additions to this model are the same as above except for a 14" braking system that is now standard.

To go along with the new standard additions to the '06 line are a few new optional selections, including a sport bar, scenic roof, and speedster. Below are the descriptions of each straight from Saleen.

Saleen Scenic Roof
Extend your driving pleasure with the installation of a high quality tempered glass roof. The structurally sound glass roof is tinted and has been tested to meet all federal safety requirements. This option completely replaces the roof of your coupe and provides stunning panoramic views day or night.
MSRP: $3,999.00

Saleen Convertible Sport Bar
With the top down on your Saleen convertible the sport bar adds a European roadster appearance. This option includes a plexy-glass see thru wind deflector.

Saleen Speedster Package
The Saleen speedster package is a great way to give an exotic appearance to your Saleen convertible. The package consists of a Saleen installed sport bar with wind deflector and speedster designed three piece tonneau cover that fits in the trunk with storage bag.
MSRP: $2,550.00

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