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SVT Cobra Certificate of Authenticity
Update: 8/3/2010: We just found out that Ford has made life much easier for SVT Cobra owners with a website that allows you to enter your VIN number, pay $40, and get your certificate without hassle. Even better is that owners of the GT500, GT/CS California Special, Mustang SVO, Mach 1, Ford GT, and Taurus SHO can get one too. Follow the links below to get your certificate of authenticity.

Where to get your Certificate of Authenticity:
-SVT Cobra
-Mach 1
-Ford GT
-Taurus SHO

Update 8/29/07: We have been informed that SVT now charges $40 for the certificates listed below. Up until now these were always free, but like most things in life it seems as though SVT has realized that they can charge for it instead. Thanks to Don for the info!

As a new SVT Cobra owner you receive two things from SVT in the mail a few weeks after your initial purchase. Those two things are: a Certificate of Authenticity, and a letter thanking you for purchasing your new Mustang Cobra. The Certificate of Authenticity is great to have because not only does it prove you have an authentic SVT Cobra, but it also states what vehicle number you have out of the limited production run your car came from, and the actual date your car was made on.

What if you bought the car used, or what if you lost your certificate? Well there is an easy answer to that. SVT Vehicles will provide a Certificate of Authenticity to any current owner of a Mustang Cobra. It doesn't matter if you bought it new or used, all you have to do is get in contact with them and prove you own the car and they'll send it right out. Best of all its FREE!

Below is what was stated on SVT's website on how to obtain a Certificate of Authenticity for your very own Mustang Cobra.

"Certificates of Authenticity are provided to registered owners of SVT products, whether purchased new or used. The certificates contain exact build information and detail the production number, date of production, vehicle identification number and where the vehicle was produced. These certificates are automatically sent to all new owners . All others requesting certificates must provide legal documentation showing the vehicle identification number, your name and current address, and a document validating you as the owner. Examples of this documentation would be a certificate of insurance, registration, title or buyers guide. A copy of the documentation must be faxed or mailed to SVT Headquarters in order to receive the certificate."

The fax number for this purpose is 313-621-2500
The mailing address for this purpose is:
SVT Information Center
P.O. Box 490
Dearborn, MI 48121

Certificate of Authenticity
SVT Certificate of Authenticity
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Letter of Thanks
SVT Certificate of Authenticity
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