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Boy Racer Mustang Grows Up
Man Racer Mustang

The success of the FR500C Grand-Am Cup car inspired Ford to put together a new naturally aspirated monster. This time it's packing 550 horsepower and is offering even better performance than its Predecessor, the code-named 'Boy Racer.' After the quickly popularizing 'Boy Racer' began selling in tremendous numbers to several different teams as well as sweeping all of the Grand-Am Cup titles, Ford decided it needed to develop an all new powerhouse to dominate elsewhere in the racing field.

Man Racer Mustang

In order to serve the Boy Racer its rear bumper, Ford out did its own vehicle by code-naming this new machine the 'Man Racer.' The name fits well with the image that the FR500C has grown up from its childish ways (since when has 420 horsepower been childish?) and moved onto even more serious business. An image of more strength needed to be displayed and the marketing of a new code-name was included with the new image.

Like the FR500C, the "Man Racer' is based off of the same basic body structure as the production Mustangs available found on Ford dealerships across the nation. The car is race-prepped by Ford performance supplier, Multimatic. An aluminum 550 horsepower V-8 sits under the hood, waiting to begin tearing apart the competition. The engine was supplied to Ford by Roush-Yates. The most noticeable difference between this car and the FR500C is the large wing sitting extending off the "trunklid."

Man Racer Mustang

For now, only one has been produced due to the lack of a racing series to plug this Mustang into as of yet. Ford is currently going through a number of different series in order to fit their new race car into the mix. The teams in whatever series the 'Man Racer' ends up in will have to dish out $200,000 to buy one, but the payoff will probably be worth it if this new 'Man Racer' lives up even partially to the first year success of the Mustangs in the Grand-Am Cup.

When asked about whether this car has a market, the director of Ford Racing Technology, Dan Davis, says, "Oh, I think so."

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