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Cragar Special Edition Ford Mustang

Cragar Special Edition Ford Mustang

I'm sure most of you have heard of Cragar, the manufacturer of some of the most recognizable wheels in the industry, but did you know that they're about to start production on their own limited edition Ford Mustang? Well they are and it sounds like this is just the start with a limited edition Cragar F-150 coming next, Dodge Challenger, and Ram 1500 in 2008, and maybe even a Camaro down the road.

The Limited Edition Cragar Mustang starts life as a Mustang GT which Cragar adds a number of appearance and performance items to resulting in the steed you see above. On the exterior side of things the Cragar Mustang has a new hood incorporating a functional hood scoop, side skirts, front lip spoiler, front bumper cover, Boss style side stripes, optional rear window louvers, and a new cragar badged front grill...which looks alot like a Saleen unit by the way. Of course you can't have a Cragar Mustang without a set of trick Cragar wheels so on that side of things Cragar bolted up a set of 20" Cragar S/S 610 rims.

On the performance end Cragar added self branded "Big Blue" drilled brake rotors, a cat back exhaust system, and a cold air induction kit. Buyers of the Cragar Mustang will also get a few special items including a Cragar hat, jacket, S/S key chain, and a free subscription to Hot Rod magazine.

The Cragar Mustang will only be available as new turn key vehicles through select Ford Dealerships. Unfortunately Cragar hasn't made that list of dealers available just yet so if you're interested in getting one of these you'll have to call Cragar directly.

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