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2007 Roush Roadster

2007 Roush Ford Mustang Roadster Convertible

First unveiled at last years SEMA show Roush today announced that they have decided to make available a very limited number of 2007 Roush Roadster Mustangs. How limited? Well only a lucky 100 will be able to get their hands on this pony making it one of the most limited edition Roush Mustangs in history.

The Roush Roadster starts life as a base model Mustang GT Convertible that is upgraded with a four piece Roush body kit that consists of front fascia which incorporates lower valence fog lights and chin spoiler, hood scoop, and rear wing. After installation of the body kit Roush then paints the Roadster with a unique two color paint scheme that consists of black across the top, and a choice of Torch Red, Redfire, Vista Blue, Silver or Grabber Orange as the base color. A pinstripe runs along the edge as an attractive break between the base colors. The car is further accented by ROUSH 20-inch RR04 forged chrome wheels, high-performance Cooper Tires and the ROUSH convertible light bar. The interior has custom sport leather seating with the unique ROUSH Roadster logo stitched in, embroidered floor mats, and a billet aluminum pedal kit. For a "smoother ride", and furthering the visual appearance Roush also added a set of Roush springs that lower the car approximately 1 inch.

"We have done some limited edition convertibles in the past, but this new ROUSH Roadster is certainly one of the finest looking cars we have ever designed," said Jack Roush. "The two-tone paint scheme is beautiful and with the top down the stresses of the day just seem to go away with the wind. I know that the plan is only to make 100, but I think that number might have to be reduced by one as there should be a Roadster in my garage."

Options include a ROUSHcharger? powertrain upgrade which boosts the stock Ford GT 4.6L, V-8 engine to 415 horsepower (available on manual transmission cars only), white face guage clusters with illuminated Jack Roush signature, interior carbon fiber design dash trim kits, short throw shifters, and more all designed to enhance the performance or appearance as desired.

The Roush Roadster will be available through authorized Roush dealers nationwide.

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