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Shelby GT500 KR at New York Auto Show

Shelby GT500

According to recent article by Car and Driver magazine Ford Motor Company is planning on unveiling and showcasing a new Mustang model at this years New York International Auto Show. The new Mustang, which will be an upgrade to the GT500, will be dubbed the Shelby GT500 KR after the GT500 KR of the 1960's.

Currently there is no official information on what this car may bring, but if the rumors are true we can expect the Shelby GT500 KR to produce upwards of 600 horsepower. Word is that few upgrades are needed to up the horsepower of the "stock" GT500 engine to those levels some of which include a smaller supercharger pulley to create more boost, and a recalibrated engine control computer to take advantage of it. 600 horsepower may sound unbelievable, but as we posted in June Carrol Shelby himself was quoted in an article saying "It would be very easy for the Mustang to go to 600 horsepower and north from there and still pass the company's 50,000-mile warranty."

The original Shelby GT500 KR (KR for "King of the Road") was introduced half way through the 1968 model year. The '68 GT500 KR was powered by a reworked version of the GT500's 428 engine. To keep insurance costs down the horsepower ratings of the '68 KR were officially much lower than there were in reality. Ford claimed the KR made 335 horsepower, but actual power levels were closer to 400.

At this time we don't have much more info on this car, but as the information pours in we'll keep you updated.

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