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Shelby GT-H Convertible at Barrett Jackson
Like we heard would happen earlier in the week, Ford Motor Company and Carroll Shelby today unveiled and auctioned off the first Shelby GT-H Convertible at the Barrett Jackson Classic Car Auction live on Speed TV. When the time came a large group of Ford employees rolled a vehicle veiled in a blue car cover adorned with large Ford logos onto the stage. At that point they pulled the blue cover off to reveal Carroll Shelby sitting in the new ride, a convertible Shelby GT-H. Carroll spoke a few words about the car, and then the bidding began. At around the $150,000 mark a $20K custom "Shelby GT-H" Fender Guitar was taken from the trunk which the winning bidder was also to receive. As the bidding slowed around $225K Barrett Jackson President Steve Davis announced that a phone bidder upped the ante to $250,000.....the winning bid. All proceeds went to the Carroll Shelby Childrens Foundation.

As for the vehicle itself, it's assumed that most aspects of it will be same as the coupe version, although it was announced that the convertible will have 319 horsepower.

NOTE: Sorry but this video is no longer available due to Speed TV having it taken down. I guess they don't know free advertising when they see it. Go check out the tons of other videos we have available.
Images Courtesy of Ford Motor Company

Shelby GT-H Convertible at Barrett Jackson
The Shelby GT-H Convertible

Shelby GT-H Convertible Fender Guitar
The Shelby GT-H Fender Guitar

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