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Roush 428R

Roush 428R

It looks like Roush Peformance will continue to pump out muscular Ford Mustangs with the announcement today they plan to produce a limited edition Roush 428R Mustang. The 2008 Roush 428R Mustang will be limited to only 200 vehicles all of which will feature a 425 horsepower, 400 ft/lb of torque engine which makes the bulk of its power thanks to the Roushcharger supercharger system. To distinguish it from previous models the Roushcharger in the 428R will be powercoated in chrome. Other underhood goodies include billet radiator and intercooler radiator caps, oil cap, and strut tower caps all of which add sparkle to the engine compartment.

"We are continuing to honor and celebrate the heritage of the proudest models of Ford racing history - the 427, 428 and 429 (engines)," stated Jack Roush. "These are iconic numbers in the Ford world and it is an honor to put them onto ROUSH Mustangs and insert them back into the muscle car world."

"The 427R is easily the most popular Mustang model that ROUSH has ever introduced to the market," said Joe Thompson, ROUSH Performance's vice president and general manager. "That vehicle will remain the cornerstone of our lineup, but to celebrate Ford's history of automotive breakthroughs we will build a 428R in 2008 and a 429R in 2009. These cars are intended to be a collector's edition with limited production that pays respect to Ford Muscle Car history."

Continuing with the looks of the 2007 427R Roush Mustang, the 428R adds locking hood pins, a blacked out front grill including foglight and emblem delete, and unique 428R fender and decklide badges. The interior gets the Roush treatment with sport leather seats, electro luminescent gauge cluster, and a Roush short throw shifter with retro shift knob.

As for handling, the ROUSH suspension package makes it simple to manage the left and right turns. Changed by the ROUSH technicians are the front and rear shocks, front and rear springs, front and rear sway bars, jounce bumpers and an anti-wheel hop kit is installed at the Livonia, Mich., factory. ROUSH 18-inch cast wheels and high-performance tires grip the road, and the offroad exhaust system gives the ROUSH 428R the necessary growl expected from a V-8 Mustang.

The limited edition Roush 428R Mustang will be available at participating Ford dealerships in October 2007 with either a five speed manual or automatic transmission. The 428R package will retail at $16,999 over the price of the Mustang GT it's based on.

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