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2008 Steeda Mustang Lineup

2008 Steeda Q350 Mustang

2008 Steeda Q350
The Steeda Q350 is an all American performance road car that is specifically engineered for the demanding performance enthusiast. Equipped with Steeda Autosports patented track tested and race proven suspension elements, the Q350 provides outstanding response to driver input and can deliver an amazing 1.0gs on a skidpad on street tires - without compromising your ride characteristics.

With over 350 horsepower and 365 ft. pounds of torque at your command thanks to the Steeda engineered Cold Air Intake with our unique cool tube technology, Steeda balanced underdrive pulleys, Steeda performance exhaust, and our unique Adaptive Performance Calibration, the Steeda Q350 hauls down the quarter mile at 12.7 seconds at over 108mph on street tires!

Extensive engineering and comprehensive testing have evolved the Steeda Q350 in a world-class performance vehicle of no equal. See for yourself why the Steeda Q350 is the preferred choice of discerning performance enthusiasts.

2008 Steeda Q500
The Steeda Q500 takes the superb platform of the Steeda Q350 and adds a healthy dose of supercharged power only as the team at Steeda Autosports can do. With over 500+ horsepower and 465+ ft. lbs. of torque, this 4.6L supercharged system provides pure power when you need it with complete control from idle up to it's 6500 rpm redline. Have more power when you need it, without the wait and without compromise of other supercharger systems all thanks to the industry unique Steeda Adaptive Performance Calibration and the advanced Steeda/Whipple Supercharger Induction System.

Having all of this power requires a suspension system to plant it to the asphalt, and the Steeda Q500 does that with our proprietary track tested and race proven suspension system. Fly down the quarter mile in 12.2 seconds at over 113 mph and then attain 1.0gs on the skidpad the same set of street tires. Performance, reliability, and exclusivity that is unmatched in the performance industry today!

With exclusive Steeda Autosports equipment, the Steeda Q500 is an outstanding road car performance engineered for the most demanding performance enthusiasts who likes to live in the fast lane!

2008 Steeda Q650
The Steeda Q650 is the ultimate performance model in our extensive line of high performance vehicles. Powered by a Steeda purpose built 5.0L aluminum engine, it is expertly hand assembled and outfitted with the very best components available, this performance behemoth has no rivals in the showroom, on the street, or on the racetrack.

With over 650 supercharged horsepower and 670ft. lbs of torque, this is the most powerful production car we offer and it provides a no compromised solution to those that demand the very best both on the street and on the racetrack.

It is simply the best performing and most aggressive performance Mustang available today! It's many specialized components work harmoniously to deliver the most powerful and fastest automobile ever produced by the Steeda Autosports skunk-works team. This vehicle has outstanding performance with smooth drivability at low speeds, yet provides surprising fierce performance of no equal when the driver commands it.

If you are a performance driver that wants the ultimate - then this is it !

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