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Is the EcoBoost Mustang Dead?

Ecoboost V6 Engine

We have to admit, when we first heard the rumors that Ford was going to produce a Mustang powered by the twin turbo EcoBoost V6 engine we were a bit skeptical. It just didn't seem to make sense. Why would Ford go to the trouble and expense of manufacturing yet another engine for the Mustang, especially one at the same price point as the current 4.6L V8? Well according to StangTV our gut feelings may have been right.

A recent posting by StangTV quotes a source at Ford Motor Company saying the entire thing is a "total rumor". According to the source, Jesse Kershaw of Ford Racing Performance Parts, Ford has no cycle plan for the EcoBoost engine in the Mustang. "That doesn't mean there isn't a prototype running around but there's nothing in the plan to actually do that" says Kershaw.

Now lets face it, this wouldn't be the first time a bunch of smoke and mirrors were used to throw the media off the scent trail of a bold new product. It could very well be that Ford is just trying to keep this one under wraps until the time is right. On the other hand this wouldn't be the first time Ford (or any auto manufacturer for that matter) decided against a new powerplant. In early 2005 Ford shelved it's plans to produce a 6.2L V8, dubbed the Hurricane, which was slated for the F-Series truck line but was rumored to be a Hemi killer for the Mustang. Although there is word that the Hurricane may be back under a new name the point is that engines get killed on a daily basis in the auto manufacturing world, this wouldn't be anything new.

So which is it? Is the EcoBoost Mustang dead or not? I guess only time will tell.

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