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USAF X-1 Mustang

United States Air Force X1 Ford Mustang

Honestly its hard to believe that seeing a car would influence anyone into making a huge life altering decision such as joining the military but it looks like that's what the United States Air Force is banking on with their latest recruitment tool, the X-1 Mustang. The X-1 is a project conceived by the US Air Force and put into reality by the folks at Galpin Autosports, a car customizing shop well known for their part in the television show Pimp My Ride.

The X-1 Mustang features a slew of jet like modifications that would make even the Stealth Fighter envious. Some of the mods performed on the car include an engine upgrade that creates 500 horsepower thanks to a set of Ford Racing heads, long tube headers, aftermarket cams, and a cold air intake system. As much as we like extra horsepower what makes this car so special is its interior. The cockpit like interior features a center position driver seat which is surrounded by touch screen monitors that mimic that of a fighter jet cockpit. Other noteworthy additions include a motorized steering wheel that can be recessed back into the dashboard when not in use, and a shifter that simulates an airplane flight control stick. Driving this baby at night must be a unique experience as a "sensor pack" adds both night and thermal vision to the dash mounted screens. Exterior mods include a custom body kit, and vertical doors.

The USAF is planning on taking the X1 and its sister vehicle, a Dodge Challenger dubbed Vapor, on a cross country "Super Car Tour". The Super Car Tour will primarily visit high schools but can also be spotted at a number of Air Force sponsored events such as Formula Drift and Hot Import Nights.

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