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Two Unique Mustangs at Barrett Jackson

Lee Iacocca Silver Edition Mustang 5 of 45

With the Las Vegas Barrett Jackson collector car auction fast approaching (October 7-10) we got to wondering what surprises were in store for the Mustang enthusiast this year. After doing some digging we found that along with the dozens of "regular" production Mustangs there would be two pretty unique versions crossing the block including a Don Prudhomme Shelby Super Snake concept drag car and one of the Lee Iacocca Silver Edition Mustangs.

Iacocca Silver Edition Mustang
One of the most anticipated limited edition versions of the renowned Ford Mustang will be sold at no reserve to celebrate the pony car's 45th anniversary during the 2nd Annual Barrett Jackson Collector Car Auction in Las Vegas. The No. 5 Iacocca Silver 45th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang is one of only 45 to be built and is specially equipped with a 550 horsepower engine. As one of the featured cars it will cross the auction block at approximately 9:30 pm EST on Friday October 9th.

Known as the "Father of the Mustang," Iacocca presented the Ford Mustang to the world during a dramatic press conference at the 1964 New York World's Fair. During his time as Ford Division president and general manager, Iacocca made the Mustang a household name. He even tapped veteran racer Carroll Shelby to build special high performance versions of the car. Although he won't be in attendance a video from Iacocca will be aired to the crowd before the car is sold. "This is a stunning modern-day muscle car from the visionary who started it all," said Steve Davis, president of Barrett Jackson. "It's hard to imagine where collector car enthusiasts would be if Lee Iacocca hadn't championed the Ford Mustang project 45 years ago. Now, he has teamed up with some of the top automotive talent in the world to produce the 45th Anniversary model. It's an instant collectible."

Nearly two years in the making, the Iacocca Silver Edition Mustang is a collaborative effort by Iacocca, designer Michael Leone, and Gaffoglio Family Metalcrafters. The new business venture is called I Legacy. The Mustangs are being offered exclusively through Galpin Ford in Southern California.

"It has been the most amazing time of my life, working with Mr. Iacocca on this car," said Leone. "This 45th Anniversary Edition Mustang is a rare, complex, elegant and extraordinary piece of moving artwork. With innovative technology, the visual impact of its fastback design and expert craftsmanship, it is truly exceptional in every way; the only car that can bear the Iacocca name on it. We couldn't be prouder to have the number five car crossing the auction block at Barrett Jackson Las Vegas."

Each of the 45 limited edition Mustangs is custom built by a team of talented artists using composite construction laminates, a reinforced material from the aerospace industry. The hand-crafted vehicles, all painted in a specially created Iacocca silver hue, are fabricated using the finest tooling, with each part separately cured in an autoclave. The Iacocca designed hood crest is custom built by a distinguished jeweler and every emblem is hand-finished and polished. Front and rear wheels are cast aluminum and chrome plated for a sheen-like finish and the center caps are machined and also chrome plated.

While the exterior fastback design of the Iacocca Silver Mustang is compelling, the mechanical underpinnings are true American muscle. The No. 5 Iacocca Mustang was specially equipped with a 550 horsepower engine featuring a Ford Racing polished Supercharger that includes dyno sheets and other documentation. The driver can harness the extra power through a quick-shifting 5 speed manual transmission.

Inside the Iacocca Silver Mustang, the interior is resplendent with luxurious touches that highlight the car's special heritage. These include Iacocca Diamond Design leather seats with embroidery stitching, an Iacocca signature dash plaque with serial number, a leather-wrapped steering wheel with "I" badge and Iacocca-badged aluminum door sill plates. "The most appealing aspect of the Iacocca Mustang is its sleek appearance," added Davis. "Each line is clean, very sharp and seems to flow endlessly with the car. And the custom silver color is extremely bold, which embodies the spirit of the Mustang."

When it crosses the block at No Reserve in Las Vegas, the Iacocca Silver Mustang will join a famous group of Mustangs sold at Barrett Jackson. "From first production Ford and Shelby models to one-owner classics, we've sold just about every Mustang possible at Barrett Jackson," continued Davis. "There's a passion and aura surrounding the Mustang brand that is like no other, and it shows when one crosses our auction block. The energy will be through the roof when the Iacocca Mustang is sold in Las Vegas."

Shelby Super Snake Prudhomme Concept Car

Prudhomme Edition Super Snake Concept
Two American racing legends, Carroll Shelby and Don "The Snake" Prudhomme, will be on stage when Barrett Jackson sells the original concept car for the Prudhomme Edition Super Snake Shelby GT500 Mustang on Saturday, October 10, 2009. "Concept cars and prototypes are sought by collectors because they represent a historical milestone and so few are offered to the public," said Barrett Jackson Chairman/CEO Craig Jackson. "Barrett Jackson has become the premier venue for these types of vehicles. This is the first time that Shelby Autos has sold one of its concept cars at auction and we're pleased that Carroll and Don plan to be on stage for such an important occasion."

Racing legends Carroll Shelby and Don Prudhomme joined forces to build the ultimate street legal dragster. Shelby is the only man to ever win the 24 hours of Le Mans as a driver, team owner and manufacturer and was twice named "Sports Illustrated ‘Driver of the Year'". Prudhomme's successful racing career included winning the NHRA funny car championship four times and he was the first funny car driver to exceed 250 mph.

"Don Prudhomme is one fast son of a gun who knows how to burn up the quarter mile," stated Carroll Shelby. "In 1968, he drove a Shelby Super Snake dragster in NHRA for me. Last year, we decided to build a car together for grassroots racers who want a Shelby for the drags. This is the concept for that program and it's a very fast car." Shelby Automobiles announced its limited edition Prudhomme Edition Super Snake package for the GT500 Mustang at the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum in Pomona, Calif., earlier this year.

"In the 1960s, Shelbys ruled the road courses and terrorized the drag strip," noted Steve Davis, president of Barrett Jackson. "This car was built in the same spirit as the Cobra ‘Dragon Snake' that made Shelby a feared name on the quarter mile. The Prudhomme Edition concept is a real piece of history and a very exclusive car."

The Prudhomme Edition Super Snake is powered by a 5.4-liter, supercharged engine that produces 800 hp on race fuel or 750 hp on 93 octane pump gas. Only 100 total Prudhomme Super Snake post-title packages are being offered by Shelby Autos to current GT500 owners. The package features a Kenne Belle supercharger and modified air intake sticking out of the hood in a tilt front end, five point impact safety harness, roll bar, and Borla side exhaust system.

"I've really enjoyed working with Carroll and the Shelby Autos team on this program," added Prudhomme. "When I was a kid, we'd drive our cars to the drag strip, race them and drive back home. We designed this car to do the same thing, and do it very, very well." According to Shelby Autos president Amy Boylan, "This Shelby is truly special. While most concept cars can't be driven, this one is street legal and can be enjoyed on the road. That makes it a rare Shelby and concept vehicle."

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