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2014 Ford Mustang To Go Global? Get IRS?

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Could the next generation Ford Mustang become a global platform? According to a recent article by Motortrend Magazine it seems Ford may be leaning that way. With the apparent death of the Australian Falcon platform Ford is looking at the possibility of using the next generation Mustang, expected in 2014, as a platform not only as a replacement for the Falcon but also for use as a flagship Lincoln sedan. Ford CEO Alan Mulally seemed to confirm that the Mustang would be used as some sort of global platform when he said at a press conference during the Detroit Auto Show that automakers could no longer afford to build vehicles unique to one country.

What we find even more exciting about the report is that a source has confirmed to Motortrend that the 2014 Mustang will thankfully still be rear wheel drive, and will finally have independent rear suspension. "Put those two facts in the context of the global rear drive platform's demise and Mullaly's comments, and there's only one logical conclusion: The next-gen Mustang will be a global car built on its own rear-drive platform."

That leads to the question of what will the new Mustang look and feel like? Word is that planners are looking to take the Mustang platform in three possible directions. The first would be much like we see today, a V6/V8 powered muscle car, possibly keeping the retro styling or some variation of it. As well as that version would sell in the states it may not be so popular as a global product. Therefore a second option would be a much smaller V6 powered, possibly turbocharged version along the lines of the BMW M3. Although it may not be as popular among the Mustang purists it would be much more popular in European markets. The last option is an ultra high performance version along the lines of the Nissan GTR. Even Motortrend's source said it was very unlikely and we agree. "Whatever the overall direction, the next generation Mustang will almost certainly be a smaller and lighter car than the current coupe to enable it to meet tougher gas mileage targets. As a side benefit, it would be more suited to the European and Asian markets, too."

What do you think? Will the current retro styling remain, or will Ford phase the muscle car out in favor of a sportier sedan like the M3? Our gut instinct says that Ford will likely go with a much more round, modern styling but will still keep marketing it as a muscle car. On the other hand there was a time in the not so distant past when Ford planned to phase out the Mustang completely for a newer sporty coupe...the Probe. Could we be headed that direction, we sure hope not.

Image courtesy of Ford Motor Company

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