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Carroll Shelby To Stop Creating New Cars?

2011 Shelby Ford Mustang GT350

The end of an era? In a recent interview with The Dallas Morning News, world renown automotive designer Carroll Shelby said that the 2011 Shelby GT350 Mustang may be the one of the last vehicles he produces.

According to the article, the 87 year old Shelby remarked on how hard it is to turn a profit on low production vehicles like the 2011 GT350 and that he'd like to begin focusing on his high performance parts business instead. "I want to build fewer cars and sell more parts," said Shelby "It's hard to make any money on a car. But our parts business is growing 15 to 20 percent a year."

In late 2006 Shelby announced the production of the Ford Mustang GT based Shelby GT that featured a slightly tweaked 4.6L engine producing 325 horsepower, and various Shelby-esque styling cues including custom wheels and racing stripes. Between the 2007 and 2008 model years Shelby American produced about 6,000 of those vehicles, however Carroll expects to create less than 500 GT350s per year. "We don't build 5,000 or 6,000 of anything anymore" said Shelby. Since the beginning of the year Shelby's Las Vegas facility has reduced its workforce by as much as 40 percent; down to about 75 employees. According to Carroll that is just about the right amount to keep making the vehicles currently in production.

Will Shelby keep making new vehicles? Well if history tells us anything Carroll is probably itching right now to start the design of his next gem. Whether it'll go into production is anyones guess. Keep your fingers crossed!

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