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2013 Shelby GT500 Mustang Spotted At Nurburgring, Thought To Be Turbocharged

2013 Shelby GT500 Mustang Spy Picture

The Nurburgring, a motorsport complex situated in Nurburg, Germany, best known as the track that many European supercar manufacturers utilize for testing of their yet to be released vehicles. So what is that beautiful American muscle car doing out there? Well it turns out that Ford has been testing a couple 2013 Shelby GT500 Mustang test mules on that track and just like an earlier report, this one is thought to be turbocharged as well.

Last week one site snapped a few spy shots of the next generation GT500 at the same track and speculated that a big shiny intercooler was behind the lower front grill, hinting at a turbo setup. The site went further saying their sources were reporting that Ford was ditching the supercharged 5.4L used in the current GT500 for a smaller, lighter, more efficient twin turbo 5.0L. Well even though this looks like a completely different GT500, the source of the new photos is in agreement, at least on the turbo part.

"What else I can tell you about this red car above is that it doesn't sound supercharged at all - at least not with the conventional whining roots-type that we all know. After listening to the car rumble muffledly past on an open throttle I suspect the beast is turbocharged and that's an intercooler."

A new feature we haven't seen on any of the other GT500 test mules are those little winglets or canards stuck to the front bumper. They're obviously meant to aid in front end traction at high speeds, truly needed around a track of this size, but the question is whether they're being used as a tuning aid by Ford engineers or something to be featured on the production car.

Source: Bridgetogantry.com

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