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Brenspeed Tests Edelbrock Supercharger On 2012 Mustang GT

Mustang performance shop Brenspeed has recently been testing parts on their 2012 Mustang GT project car. Before bolting anything on Brenspeed set out to see how much power the stock Mustang GT would put down on their in house dyno. The result was 355hp and 357 ft/lbs of torque. Considering the dyno determines how much power is produced at the rear wheels and the fact that every car has a 10-15% frictional loss through the drivetrain those numbers are spot on.

To start with the modifications Brenspeed decided to jump right into the deep end by installing an Edelbrock supercharger. The resulting power output was 463 horsepower and 419 ft/lbs of torque with just 5psi of boost. Assuming a 10% drivetrain loss that means the Edelbrock supercharged 5.0L is now making about 515hp at the flywheel. The next step Brenspeed chose to take in the hop up process was to retune the stock computer which created an additional 29 horsepower for a total of 492hp and 430 ft/lbs. Finally Brendspeed bolted on an Edelbrock cold air kit which added an additional 17 horsepower. At the end of the day the Brenspeed Mustang was producing an amazing 509hp at the rear wheels or about 565 horsepower at the flywheel! Check out the video above for all the action.

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