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Camaro Beats Mustang In Sales For Second Year In A Row

2013 Mustang GT Convertible

If you've been following along with our monthly sales reports it probably won't be much of a surprise to you to hear the bad news: The Chevy Camaro has beaten the Ford Mustang in sales for 2011. This is the second year in a row that the Camaro won the pony car sales war, beating out the Mustang in 2010 by 7,655 units.

December 2011 sealed the deal. For the fourth straight month Ford experienced a decrease in Mustang sales with just 3,865 driving off lots, a 5.6 percent decrease over the same month of the previous year. The Camaro on the other hand sold like hotcakes. General Motors was able to sell an amazing 6,754 Camaros in December, a 20 percent increase over 2010. The Dodge Challenger had a 1 percent decrease in sales for December selling 3,284 units or roughly half that of the Camaro.

Overall sales numbers for 2011 closely reflect those of December. The Camaro comes in first with 88,249 units sold, an 8.5 percent increase over 2010. Ford follows along in second with 65,381 Mustang sales, 4.2 percent less than 2010. And finally the Dodge Challenger comes in last with 39,534 sales, a 7 percent increase.

So the question remains, why has the Mustang fallen off in sales over the last two years despite the updates and new models? And what will it take to bring things back around? As Ford Mustang fans we sure hope the recently updated 2013 models lure buyers back into the showrooms though we have our doubts. It's possible that nothing less than the complete redesign in 2015 will do the trick. Only time will tell.

Source: Ford, GM, Chrysler
Image source: Ford

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