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Original Mustang Sketches
Early Phil Clark Mustang Drawings   

    Early Phil Clark Mustang Drawing

Drawings courtsey of Holly Clark

     These are some nicely done, classic, and somewhat controversial drawings done by none other than Phil Clark. We have followed this story since we found out about it on the site NZMustang.com. Although these images look like normal professional design work, they hold some mysterious aura in them. If you look just behind the right rear wheel of the drawing on the left, you will see a small signed date. Even though many of you might think the first number is a 9...look once again and you will probably realize its a 5 (May).

     Some of you hardcore fans will wonder how exactly that is when factoring in that John Najjar, who is said to be the "original" designer of the Mustang I Prototype, has come out and stated that he completed his drawings in June. This would mean that Najjar finished his drawings in the sixth month while Clark finished these drawings in the fifth month of 1962. This is obviously where the controversy comes into the matter.

     Adding to this mess is the rumor that Phil Clark sketched this prototype (not these drawings) before he even got a job at Ford. Najjar and Ford both still assure us that there is no doubt the original design was by Najjar himself, not by an assistant (which Clark was). We must wonder whether Najjar would truly be that jealous over his assistant and why Ford wouldn't dig a little deeper and widely release the name of the man who drew the prototype first.

     This story will probably always remain a mystery no matter what anybody tries to do or say. The truth will never be known; only ideas can be exerted into this mesh of rumors about what went on in the Ford offices during the beginning of this American icon. This article isn't about calling Ford or Najjar big liars. Its simply to bring recognition to some mysterious things that could've went on in the design studios at Ford. In fact, we would love to hear from Najjar and listen to his view on this whole situation. If anyone knows where to contact him, please inform me here or tell us what you think in the forums.

For more information on this subject, be sure to check back with us over the upcoming months, as Holly Clark will soon release her book titled "The Man Behind the Pony", which will feature a more detailed look into this interesting story.

UPDATE (6/22/05): This puzzle has yet another amazing piece added to it. To read, go HERE