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Phil Clark at GM - Chevy Mustang?
Gary L. Witzenburg's 1979 Mustang Book

     According to a book written in 1979 by Gary L. Witzenburg titled 'Mustang: The Complete History of America's Pioneer Ponycar' on Page 33 (shown above), General Motors developed a Mustang before Ford. It turns out that GM designer Chuck Jordan called John Najjar, the Mustang I Prototype's Lead Designer and asked if the stories about Ford creating their own Mustang was true. Apparently, this was just after Jordan and the rest of the GM design team at the time finished up and revealed their Mustang concept car to Bill Mitchell, the head designer who is known for contributing greatly to the 1963 Corvette Stingray. Not much has been recorded on this small revealing.

     The pieces of the puzzle seem to fit in perfectly here. Phil Clark first worked in GM's design department before moving over to Ford. Over the past few months, we have found that Clark worked on his drawings before going to Ford. He supposedly even came up with the idea before getting into any professional car design studio. The two drawings that we showed to you a few weeks ago were dated May. 2, 1962, a month before John Najjar stated the design work began.

     Now I'll piece the puzzle together. It seems that Clark originally thought up the concept while in school. Afterwards, it appears that he moved on into General Motors where he established a design studio job. From there, the design team secretly revealed their Mustang concept car (along with a horse logo) to Bill Mitchell, GM's Lead Designer. Whether that logo was the same as the one used on the FORD Mustangs is something we aren't too sure of. But, we have discovered from a former GM designer who worked with Clark when he was there that Phil had the galloping horse design before he got a job in the GM design studios; he supposedly started the design when he was in college. Moving on...Clark soon went over to Ford and worked in their design studios. It turns out that not too long after Ford began work on their own Mustang concept car. What I am getting at is that I believe the Mustang idea was passed around through non-other than Phil Clark, not separately thought up by each company. The idea very possibly could've been brought up to Najjar by Clark; Clark might have been hoping that Ford would push his Mustang idea all the way unlike General Motors, who obviously didn't push the concept at all.

     Any of you can contact me Here if you have some doubts about what I've written or anything you think could've happened. Also, we suggest you go into the forums and discuss it openly amongst each other. Once again, this article isn't to claim John Najjar or anyone from Ford Motor Company are liars. It is just to inform Mustang fanatics about what very possibly could've happened in the early days of the Mustang. The fact that the whole Mustang legacy could have been fueled by this one, fairly uncredited man is outrageous. We will continue to follow this story.