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Interesting Ford Facts and Important Dates

- IN 1916, 55% of all cars were Ford Model T's.
- The 'PEANUTS' (comic strip) characters were first animated in a Ford Fairlane commercial.
- The GT40 Mark 1 (first GT40) used a 4.2L Ford Fairlane engine.
- At one point in the early 60's, Henry Ford II tried to buy Ferrari, but negotiations didn't fall in Ford's favor.
- QUOTE: "Money is like an arm or a leg; use it or lose it" - Henry Ford
- Henry Ford was born on July. 30, 1863.
- Henry Ford II was born on September. 4, 1917.
- Henry Ford shared many of the same disgusting beliefs as Adolf Hitler. In fact, Hitler believed that Henry Ford was a perfect example for what all Germans should become.
- The champagne spraying at the end of races was started after the GT40's placed 1-2-3 at Le Mans in 1966.
- The Ford Thunderbird was debuted on October. 22, 1954.
- Just after being named the president of Ford, Robert McNamara was asked by JFK to serve as his SECRETARY OF DEFENSE.
- Henry Ford resigned once and allowed his son, Edsel Ford to take over. When Edsel died in 1943, Henry Ford took over Ford again for 2 more years before letting Henry Ford II take over.
- FORD MOTOR COMPNAY was founded on June. 16, 1903.
- Henry Ford II died in 1987.
- William Clay Ford Jr, the current CEO of Ford, is the great-grandson of Henry Ford and the nephew of Henry Ford II.
- The Model A was the first FORD MOTOR COMPANY vehicle produced.
- As most people know, Ford produced the first assembly line for automobiles. Something most people don't know is that Henry Ford supposedly got the idea from a process that was used to slaughter pigs.
- Ford acquired the Lincoln Motor Company in 1925.
- Even after Henry Ford II resigned as CEO of Ford in 1979, he still held some minor positions at Ford afterwards.

*More facts will be added when we find them*
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