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Interesting Mustang Facts and Important Dates


- The Mustang I Prototype was debuted on October. 7,1962 at the Watkins Glen racetrack in New York
- Ford introduced the Mustang II prototype at Watkins glen on the weekend of October. 6,1963
- The Mustang was premiered on April. 17, 1964 at New York's World Fair
- 22,000 Mustangs were sold within the first day of its release.
- Within 2 years, over one million Mustangs were sold
- The first Mustang off the assembly line was sold (by mistake) to an airplane pilot.
- By December. 31, 1964, Ford had sold 263,434 cars.
- When the one year anniversary of the Mustang rolled around, Ford had already sold 418,810 Mustangs.
- Independant Rear Suspension was actually considered for performance versions of the Mustang way back in the 60s.
- There was no 2002 edition of the Mustang Cobra.
- The 1964.5 Mustangs were not really 1964.5 models. They were considered to actually be EARLY 1965's. So, the first digit of the VIN number (last digit of the model year) was 5, not 4.
- The first Mustang's VIN Number was 5F08F100001.
- The Fastback Mustang debuted on October. 1, 1964.
- Phil Clark is the original designer of the galloping horse logo.
- John Najjar, the original designer of the Mustang I Prototype (drawings) supposedly named his design after the P-51 Mustang airplane, but Lee Iacocca has stated a few times that it was directly named after the horse itself, not the airplane.
- Lee Iacocca has argued that the first Mustang
- Mustang production began on March. 9, 1964.
- The one-millionth Mustang was produced on February. 23, 1966.
- The popular movie (among Mustang enthusiasts), 'Bullitt', premiered on October. 17, 1968.
- Apparently, Lee Iacocca wanted the switch-over to the Mustang II to occur in 1968, but Ford's President Bunkie Knudsen preferred the larger Mustangs. When Bunkie Knudsen left in `69, Lee Iacocca got to work on the Mustang II.
- Even though most people say that the first Mustang to roll off the assembly line was a White Convertible, Lee Iacocca says that the first Mustang was a hardtop.
- The 1974 Mustang II sold 3 times the amount of Mustangs that were sold in 1973.
- The first 1993 Mustang Cobra was built on December. 17, 1992.
- In the late 80s, Ford was considering moving the Mustang over to front-wheel drive. Thankfully, the loyal Mustang fans kept Ford from doing so. The Probe was the replacement that Ford produced.

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