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I like the center striping on the coupe model....but have to agree that the convertible does better without them. The side stripes.......ehhh, I could do without them, though I don't think they do any serious wrong to the overall look of the car. Just depends on your tastes I guess.....some ppl like stripes, some don't.
I'm not sure what the story with the hood is. I loved the heat extractors on the hood of the GT500 coupe show car at the New York revealing....but it looks like they've gone a bit of a different route for the production model. It probably won't look bad on a darker color, but on red.....those black vent covers suck. I hope the covers can be removed or something.
...And Maniac, it wouldn't do much good to call this the GT500 if Shelby wasn't involved. My guess is that had SVT been the sole developer again for this cobra, we'd be looking at a 400 hp "GTO racer" instead of a 475hp "Corvette killer". At that thought, I'm glad some of the old Shelby cobra influences will be present.....but at the end of the day: if you think the car sucks, don't go test drive or buy one :P
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