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I'm still not 100% sure of this car one way or the other. There are some pictures that make it look awesome, while others don't. First off until i see this car in another color with the stripes i won't be able to be totally sure how i like it because i'm not a big fan of the red/white combo. With that said i think the stripes look much better on the coupe. The convertible stripes remind me of something on a V6. Personally i'd like to see a blue/white and black/white version of the coupe with only the top stripes. OR maybe a sonic blue or black version of the coupe without any stripes. I saw some of the test mules without stripes and they were more to my liking.

I find the convertible version of this car quite bland looking. I can't put my finger on it, but it just lacks something.

Anyone notice the hood vents? I am totally bummed at those covers they now have over them on the vert. I thought the coupe's hood vents look great, but these ugly black grills that now cover the vents are horrible. Hopefully they won't make the production version.

All in all, with the right color, the original hood vents, and a good pricetag i would very happy with the coupe.

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