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Yea Maniac, I hear ya......aerodynamic spoilers don't seem to have much place on a the new mustangs. I do find that my 05 doesn't cut through the wind nearly as good as my 98 does. It's a tradeoff I guess for a classic body style. But for such a brute monster that the GT500 will be, I guess it needs all the airflow help it can get.
I guess I'd agree that if given the oppurtunity to design the new cobra myself I would have gone with alot more of a departure in the body style from the GT and V6 models. .....but, that's just me 8) Seems like Ford wanted to use as many of the same body pieces and fittings from the GT and V6 models as they could. Of course, we may see one drive by us on the road one day next year and find ourselves daydreaming into oncoming traffic. lol. Stranger things have happened.
I just hope it holds up mechanically to all the hype. It'll be nice to see all the GTO and Camaro ss owners in my area wettin themselves when one of these monsters pulls alongside. :twisted:
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