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Well i personally didnt respond to this because combinations like this are so subjective, and there are a zillion different combos you can safely go with.
You can probably get away with any of the brand name heads, and intakes. For a while it seems as though the AFR 165 heads were what everyone was going with but i'm not sure if that is the right head for a supercharged combo, and you might want to go with the 185's. My suggestion is to call around to the various head manufacturers and tell them what you are planning on doing and see what they recommend. They should also be able to send you in the right direction when it comes to what cam to use with their heads.
Two last things.... If you are going with 10psi of boost you might want to look into a set of loc wire headgaskets, and be sure to tell whomever you're buying your heads from that you are using those (so they can oring the heads). When you finally get it all together be sure to have it tuned by somebody who can burn a custom chip.

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