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Guest posting is now allowed

For the time being we are going to allow guest posting to all forums except for the classifieds sections. We are going to allow this so that all of the people coming here can make some use of this forum and post/reply.

There is one requirement if you are going to post as a guest. You MUST use a unique username in each of your posts. Any posts that do not include a user name will be deleted. We require this so the threads are readable. If everyone is posting without a using a user name nobody will know who is replying to what.

Although we are allowing guest posting we still suggest that you register. There are a number of benefits to registering, rather than posting as a guest. Some of those benefits are: You get a unique username so nobody can reply to other threads as you, You have the ability to post polls, you get to edit your posts, you get a profile, and the ability to Private Message other members. Also as a member you get a post count so you can see how many posts you've made, and users who help the site in one way or another also get a unique "Rank". You also obviously get to post in the classifieds section!

All spam and troll posts will be deleted and the offending posters IP will be banned.

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