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06 Z06 or the 07 Shelby GT500 both 500hp cars!!!

Ok we all know the Z06 is going to be faster since it wieghs less but my question is by how much here is what i am guessing we know the 03&04 cobras with a good driver ran a quarter mile stock about a 12.5 right and have 390hp and the people who built the shelby said that it will out perform it but by how much. I also read in a article where they took the new mustang gt and just added a supercharger on it and that gave it around 400hp and it ran a 12.5 and i dont think the gts are that much less then the shelby so i am guessing the shelby will run the qurster mile in a 11.8 or a 11.9 with a good driver i mean just do the math they said the shelby would do 0-60 in 4 flat when they said it was rated at 475hp so now i am almost positive it will get under the 4 second range to 0-60. But anyways if anyone would like to comment please do.
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