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1988 Mustang LX has some PROBLEMS..please help!

1988 Mustang LX has been rescued from a 2 year abandonment. Here’s my initial problem: After getting the car home on a trailer, took the spark plugs out, removed all oil and pumped new oil in with out starting. Then I cycled the engine with plugs out to get oil moving. I replaced everything with new Accel plugs, plug wires, distributor cap and ignition. (Replaced the starter and solenoid but don’t think that mattered with my problem) Got the motor running, timed it and had everything sounding great. I installed a BBK o/r H-pipe, and new 2.5 MAC cat backs. Now here’s my sob story.

In first gear at low speeds, like take off there’s a “burping” sound and a stutter in the motor that hesitates the take off. Its sounds as if it burps around the intake manifold, but could be anywhere. It only does this when in motion at a parked position it revs up nice. Next problem: IT’S A SLOW PIG! It has no power! What can I do first to find the burp problem, and second what can I do to make it run faster that a ford pinto. Its show and no muscle!
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