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I had the same exact problem on my '88 GT when I first got it. It sounds to me like it is backfiring through the intake like mine was. I had 3 problems you might want to check out. 1.) Check your fuel pressure for a bad fuel pump or clogged filter. This caused a studder in my motor at low rpms, then it would backfire through the intake and all the sudden it would whip you back into the seat and go. Fuel pressure should be around 40 psi. Let the engine warm up first then put a fuel pressure guage on it and drive it. When you hit the gas the pressure should not decrease at all. It should rise a little then go back to steady. If this is the problem replace the canister type filter, the pump, and the pump strainer. 2.) Incorrect ignition timing. I actually tried setting the timing myself to factory specs. but I could not do it I only made the problem worse so you probably might want to have someone check this for you. 3.) Vacuum leak somewhere. If the car idles alittle high you should inspect the manifold gaskets and all vaccum lines/hoses. This is usually the problem when you have intake backfiring and poor acceleration like you have. But your problem could also be little things like carbon buildup, sticking valves, fried piston rings, water in gas etc. But the 3 main problems I had are the first things I would check out. Also if the engine has been sitting awhile it's not a bad idea to drain the fuel tank/clean it and run straight racing fuel through it (I run about 108 oct. low lead). Let me know if you still have the problem after you do these tests.

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