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Well it depends what you call slow. When I first got my car and got it straightened out I ran a 13.5 quarter mile and 0-60mph in about 5.5-5.8sec with a G-Tech meter. The only mods were a flowmaster catback and shaved stock cylinder heads. Then I put turbos on it and now its supercharged. Its slow to me even though it probably runs low 12s. I would say your car should run between 14.0-15.0 the way it is now. If it does then it is not slow because of a problem, thats what stock 5.0s usually run. If your looking at about 15.0+ you may have a problem. You might want to try a compression test to see if the rings are good or not. Another easy way is to look at the exhaust when you rev it hard. If it blows out a light grayish blueish smoke its probably blow by from worn rings. When your engine is warm about 180-200F take off the oil fill cap. If you see smoke coming out it is the rings. Is the engine knocking or pinging also?? Or is it just a quick pop from the intake? As for mods how many miles are on the engine and about how long has it been sitting not running? Easy mods I do right away to every 5.0 I get are full exhaust no cats, BBK fenderwell cold air intake, MSD cap+rotor+blaster coil, FRPP 9mm wires, Bosch platinum 4 plugs, fuel filter, 255lph pump, adjustable regulator, MAC underdrive pulleys. These are standard on every 5.0 I've had. The three basic principles I follow are air, fuel, and spark. After that you can go for headers, intake, throttle body etc. it all depends what you want to do with your car.

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