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quick5pnt0 09-14-2010 08:32 PM

Shelby President's 2006 Shelby GT-H Prototype For Sale
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Looks like a prototype (serial #C001) 2006 Shelby GT-H Convertible, which was owned by former Shelby American President Amy Boylan, is now for sale on ebay! ... 0540071884

From the auction:
Amy Boylan who calls herself "just a down-home girl from Queens in New York" has done pretty well for herself. In a two page article in the December 18th, 2006 issue of Automotive News published by Crain publications and written by Kathy Jackson, Amy Boylan is credited with the saving Shelby Automobiles, Inc.

When Amy joined Shelby in 2005, the company had a ton of debt. In the article, Amy said "I thought we were $3 million in the hole; it turned out to be $6 million. That was a rude awaking." When she took the job, Carroll Shelby gave Boylan a $1.5 million budget to work with to get production started. It didn't close to being enough.

"I was freightend because if the people wanted their deposits back,,,I would be broke" she said. Soon after Amy joined Shelby, Boylan noted that the company had taken 170 $10,000 deposits for its Cobra Sports cars. The trouble was that Shelby had no means of building them. Production had all but ground to a halt at the 8 year old 300,000 square foot factory next to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Amy Boylan is known as "The babe from Toyland." It was Amy who had previously run Mattel Inc.'s lucrative Hot Wheels model car business. At Mattel, "Hot Wheels Amy," as she was called was so obsessed with making customers happy that she talked with them daily via the toy manufacture's Web site. When Shelby heard that Amy had left Mattel he called and said " "Amy, I am in trouble. Can you go to Vegas and see if anything can be done to save the company?"

Amy then went to Ford headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan in October of 2005. "In the course of about an hour, she laid out five to 10 really big ideas," said Rob Parker, car marketing manager for Ford Division. Among the new Ford projects since Amy assumed the role of President of Shelby Automobiles, Inc. were the 500 Shelby GT-H Mustang Coupes that went into the Hertz rental fleets and the 500 Shelby GT-H Convertibles.

The car that some lucky bidder has the opportunity to own is the actual Shelby Hertz GT-H Concept (Prototype) Convertible. It was purchased by Amy Boylan brand new from Galpin Motors, Inc at 15505 Roscoe Blvd in North Hills, California and was then shipped to the Shelby factory in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This car was never rented by Hertz Rental Car Corporation. It comes with the most incredible and unique documentation of any car I have seen. Included with the sale of this car will be all of communications and E-mails between Shelby Automobiles, Ford Motors, Ford Racing Performance Parts, Ford Racing, The Hertz Corporation, The Hertz Associate General Counsel Corporation, The Hertz Rental Car operations manager and several other communication e-mails as related to this project will be included.

It should be noted that this car is titled as a 2006 although these cars did not become available until 2007. Every other Hertz GT-500H is titled as a 2007. The majority of these cars had manual transmissions...this car is an automatic. This car has not been involved in any accidents nor has any body work or paint work been done on this car since it was built by Shelby Automobiles. It does have some very tiny paint chips that are too small to be seen in the photographs. It comes with a custom made Car Cover that was made especially for this car!

quick5pnt0 10-06-2010 11:15 AM

Re: Shelby President's 2006 Shelby GT-H Prototype For Sale
Well the auction ended with a final bid of $119,998 but unfortunately it didn't meet its reserve.

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