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quick5pnt0 09-07-2005 09:46 PM

2005 Mustang Videos
I found these videos on and thought maybe somebody would get a kick out of seeing them.

11 Second '05 Mustang
12 Second JMS Chip Mustang
Long Mustang Burnout
Stock Exhaust
2005 Mustang vs GTO and 2005 Mustang vs 350Z

quick5pnt0 09-07-2005 10:42 PM

Non-2005 Mutang Videos
While i was searching around i found a "few" more that were NOT 2005 Mustang videos....but were Mustang videos none the less. Some of these rock so i'm sure you'll enjoy them.

Bad ass turbo fox body running 7's
Mustang spinout during police chase (oldy but good)
VR6 vs Fox body Mustang
'99? Mustang at the drag track
Notchback launch
Fox body Mustang vs Viper GTS
351 Mustang vs Supra
Notchback driveby and donut
Mustang in car drag race
Two 7 second Mustangs drag racing
Big mustang wheelie
Small Mustang burnout
60's Shelby GT500 burnout
6 Second Mustang (Tim Lynch)
Mustang wheelie
Mustang in street race
Lowrider Mustang on three wheels
Mustang gets beat by Sentra
Yankees Mustang Video (gee where did we see this before?)
Huge Mustang burnout
3 up Mustang street racing
500hp Cobra vs 600hp Supra

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