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thunderstruck 06-14-2006 06:14 PM

05-06 Roush Mustang
I am currently looking at buying a 05 or 06 roush stage 1 mustang from a dealership in AL. The sticker price is $34k I believe, my question is how much is a reasonable price to pay for this car. I would hope I could bring it home for at least $32k or from everyones exp. do dealers not wheel-and-deel with Roush mustangs. Thanks for any help!


Doc Coffin 06-14-2006 09:47 PM

This is just my opinion, so take the free advice for what it is worth.
The Stage 1 & 2s are little more than body kits with a little suspension stuff thrown in.
I don`t think they are worth the extra money.
You could use that extra money on mods to make a GT into a pretty hot puppy.
The Stage 3......thats a different matter.
I think its ugly but, it has serious power mods. :)

thunderstruck 06-15-2006 10:31 AM

Well you are close; the stage 1 is a body kit with interior upgrades also. Stage 2 is all the same as stage 1 with suspension upgrades. Stage 3 is 1 & 2 with engine upgrades such as a supercharger. Thank you for your comment but I have been looking at body kits and they are not cheap. The Cerviniís Eleanor kit is about 4k without paint and install, so add another 1k for paint and 1k for install and you get about 6k. Take a $28k new GT add that and you could have a Roush mustang with all the interior upgrades as well as exterior with factor warranty, and I really love the look. I know exactly what I am buying. I do not want anything more then the stage 1 Roush, I just want to be a little different then all the other mustangs out there. My question still stands. With a $34k MSRP for stage 1 Roush what do you all think I can get it out of the dealership with? Iím hoping around $31-32k. Does this seem reasonable? Thanks in advance for any help on this matter. :D

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