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quick5pnt0 11-26-2004 10:30 AM

"The legend Lives" In new Ford Mustang commercial
Released by Ford Media on 11/26/04

New television spot relives one of Mustangs most memorable movie roles.
The 60-second commercial, filmed in a corn field located in Chilliwack, B.C. will be shown throughout North America.
OAKVILLE, ON. November 23, 2004 -- If GT is the pace car of the entire company, and F-150 is the strength of the company, then Mustang is the soul of Ford. Mustang's enduring performance, trademark Pony logo and representation in pop-culture over the decades have placed it in the royal circle of icons in the automotive industry. In the 2005 Mustang- the legend lives.

A new advertising campaign called "The Legend Lives" seeks to reach Mustang customers on an emotional level that is worthy of a legend. The campaign is designed to create excitement and awareness around the launch of the 2005 Mustang coupe and move Mustang's many loyal customers to consider purchasing the new car now.

The television campaign runs until December 15, 2004 and features two 15 second teaser spots "Corn" and "Grill" that encourage viewers log on to to view the full 60 second spot "Cornfield".

"Cornfield" will be aired on Monster Garage, TSN - Mon-Sun Sports Centre early & late edition, CTV - Sunday, November 29th on The Sopranos.

"Cornfield" brings viewers to a familiar setting as a farmer carefully bulldozes a special path in hopes of fulfilling a promise. Soon the path is paved with asphalt, and a racecourse emerges in the middle of the cornfield. At dusk, the farmer pulls open big red barn doors to reveal a new Mustang GT. He drives onto the track and to the starting line, then stops and gets out of the car. Cornstalks begin to sway as a man approaches from deep within the field. Steve McQueen makes a special appearance. He stares at the Mustang. The farmer tosses him the keys and McQueen drives the new Mustang off into the sunset with music in the background from the original "Bullitt" movie. The voiceover ends the piece with the product tagline, "The 2005 Mustang. The Legend Lives."

Mustang has starred in more movies than any big Hollywood actor with over 300 movie appearances; its most famous role was starring in the Steve McQueen movie "Bullitt."

Although this video has been adapted from the U.S., it was actually shot in Chilliwack B.C. with a Canadian Steve McQueen look a-like.

"Cornfield" was launched on beginning November 15 and the 15-second teaser spot "Grill," will be featured on,,, and beginning on November 22, with a direct link to where viewers can watch the full 60-second "Cornfield" advertisement.

"We think these unique and intriguing ads for the all-new 2005 Mustang will certainly fuel the passion of current Mustang lovers and ignite the imagination of a new generation of Mustang enthusiasts," said Mike Herniak, vice president, General Marketing, Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited. "We expect the excitement generated by this advertising will result in increased showroom traffic as consumers come into Ford dealerships to check out this legend."

One of the key factors that made Mustang an icon in North America since it was introduced in 1964, is the fact it has always offered customers affordable value and performance and the all-new 2005 Mustang retains this part of its heritage. The 2005 Ford Mustang V-6 Coupe remains the lowest-priced, rear-wheel drive sports car in Canada, with the manufactures suggested retail price (MSRP) starting at $23,795.

The Ford Mustang GT coupe is still the best performance car and the most affordable 300-horsepower car made with an MSRP of $32,795.

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