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Well its been nearly a year & I have'nt seen one stock GT500 hit 11's!Where's the "I told you so now?"LOL!No seriously though,the car has potential but it will never compete in the super car class that the vette is in.The Pony car class is a different playing field which it "can" dominate.

Originally Posted by iceman241
I know there are big price differences between the 3 cars but there isnt going to be a big price difference between the Z06 and the shelby cause the dealers are going to markup the price alot on the shelby when they first come out there is one on ebay selling for around 65 grand right now. And yes i know that the wieght difference is alot more with the shelby then the z06 but not compared to the mustang gt it is only about 300 pound difference i looked up the wieght and all they added was a supercharger on to the mustang gt and it got a 12.5 in the quarter mile and that was with only 400hp so your telling me the shelby wont gewt faster even the head of the company said it will outperform the old 03 and 04 cobras and i seen them run 12.5 in the quarter mile with a good driver with just 390hp. And the magazine you are talking about i read it and they said they did a 12.9 and the only reason they did it that is because if you read it they said they did a long burn out and that was the only reason and also it says in the magazine that the car they where driving isnt the car that will be on the lots its a prototype. Of course i know that some magazines will get the shelby in the 12s but i can promise you there will be some magazines that will get it in the high 11s without adding anything to it. Also i heard from other forums you wont be able to sup it much because of the way the engine is but i dont believe that and when a magazine does get it in the 11s i will be on here saying i told you so but its all in fun.
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