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Dodge Magnum with BIG HEMI

I was in Deerfield the other day by Quiet Waters park at a red light and a guy who had a Magnum pulled next to me and rolled his window down to ask me if I was modded because the car sounded mean.I replied "Yes she's modded".He said he also was packing some mods on his 425HP Hemi but like me wouldnt tell what he had done.So he asked if I wanted to run and I said sure,How much of a jump do you want?He looked at me all crazy & said what do ya mean?I told him I would let him get the jump and have about 2-3 cars out before I left the light.He said "Are you for real?".So we got the light & as promised I let him get the jump and 2-3 cars out & dropped the hammer!Once I got into the top of 2nd I was door to door & passing him!You shouldve seen the look on this guys face as I passed him!We got to the next light & he wanted to know what was done to my car.I simply told him,,,,,,More than your willing to do to yours!He laughed & stated "I guess so **** it!"But he was a good sport about it which was refreshing.
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