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6.0 GTO

Got a run against a GTO this morning.It was kinda cool because nothing was said between the two of us!It was like unwritten law that we raced!LOL!We were reving the **** out of our cars and everyone around us was watching pretty intently and smiling about what was to take place!We got the light and as usual the GTO spun pretty hard off the start & I got a good car & half on him & another 1/2 car when I hit 2nd.But by the time we got into the top of 3rd he was slowly reeling me in!To bad for him it was a 1/4 race!But I gotta give it to the LS1 & LS2 cars.They pull hard as **** up top!With a better launch from him it would have been a tight race deeming me to spray 3rd gear as well!Usually I only spray after I get out the launch and 2nd.Which typically gives me all the edge I need.But anyways theres another race for the books!
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