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Alot of people tend to think that the more something costs the better it is. You'll always hear everyone raving about how good their accufab throttle body is. This could obviously be because their parts are good, then again it could also be that nobody wants to admit they spent way too much on something.

Accufab tends to distinguish themselves by making beautiful looking billet parts. Which is fine if you building a show car, but why spend the extra cash on something that is not going to make a difference? If the difference in cost was just a little I might say go for it, but the difference in cost is what, $200 from a BBK? That is totally outrageous!

Besides that a friend of mine said the machining on his accufab throttle body was horrible and that they refused to replace it. This is also where I got the idea that most people "don't want to admit they spend way too much", because I suggested to my buddy to complain about this on all of the forums but he refused because he didn't want to "look like an ass because he spent too much money on a junk part" HA HA HA

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