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I did it now!

Well, I really screwed it up now, took the switch out of the door jam, and even picked up another, as I do not do any kind of electrucal diagnosis, its mental. I picked up another switch, and now the trick is how to get at the end of the wires to connect the switch. Its a plug type, buried inside the framework, and there is no way himanly possible to get at it without cutting the metal. I did pull the kick panel, and able to feel the wires, but need to get somthing to hold onto them and plug in the switch. I can't imigine anyone can get at that without cutting a hole. any suggestions, before I bring it to a ford dealer, and pay whatever it costs to put it back.

Originally Posted by quick5pnt0
What he means is that one of the switches in the door jam is not working. They're pretty easy to change, you usually just need to unscrew it, switch the wire and put it back in. I think you can check to see which one it is by unscrewing them and grounding out the wire (touch it to a bare metal area) that goes to the switch (assuming there is only one wire).

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