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It's ugly and too small in my opinion.

I'm sorry- but I really think it's ugly. I 'm glad I bought a 08 Mustang GT and did not what for the Camaro- I also think, it's too small... almost looks like they took a Malibu and changed the dog house and the rear end...

It also looks like they did some retro things on the interior as well (i.e. the guage locations for instance). I think that's ugly too....(i.e. the radio area).
I'd almost bet there will only be an automatic version (which is dumb).

Sorry, I just thought they do bettter than this, that's all.... I have always been a Chevrolet/Pontiac fan- After all, I have a 1968 Firebird in the garage (which goes to car shows)....

oh well..... Here's hoping that a new designed Firebird will follow, but look much better... (doubtful)
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