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Thanx for the replies. You've provided good info to my question, but I guess I need to clarify a little more. I'm a Ford man, but I'll use Chevy for my question . My Uncle has a 2002 Z06 with 405HP and the new Z06 will have 500HP. These engines are tuned well, so you get 20+ miles per gallon, so they're not gas hogs like the engines of old or engines that have been boarded out too much. So here's my question, if I were to buy an old Chevy and drop one of the new engines in it, would it be better to buy the old Z06 engine with 405HP and put a Supercharger on it to get 500HP or would it be better to just buy the new Z06 engine that already has 500HP? I know one way may be less expensive, but say money wasn't a factor, which scenario would be the better choice? Thanx in advance.
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