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Stalling Issue '86 GT - HELP!!!!

odd stalling problem with m6 '86 GT... heres the issue... i was driving home the other day and turned a corner and the motor just shut down... i couldnt get it to start, it just cranked! i had my buddy crank the motor while i held a screwdriver between the coilwire and the distributer.... i was not getting ANY spark... we waited on the side of the road for about an hour and the car started to cool... i was about to call a tow truck and i turned the key and the car started right up!!! i figured it was my coil going out... i started driving and got about a mile down the road and it died again! I waited another hour and it started back up! made it about 20 feet and it died... Tow truck took me home once i got home i went to napa and picked up a coil, put it in and the car started and ran for about an hour b4 it died... ok... now im getting pissed!!! i called my local shop and they said it was the ignition module... i went ahead and got a new one and installed that yesterday... car idles and runs smooth as ever now, but is still dead after an hour... wth could be going on?!?! im stumped now the car is getting gas... it runs when cool but not hot... what could it be!?!? HELP!!
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