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Can't say I fell in love with it when I saw it. It oddly doesn't have quite the same effect on me that I thought is would have. Maybe if it wasn't designed as a "Shelby", it could've looked better. Now for some ranting...The front end shouldn't have been re-designed to look so sleek. It takes away so much of the muscular appearance the GT has. The hood is quite disgusting also. I have never really liked any scoops (especially non-working ones) on the hood of any Mustang, and these ones are just ugly. A forward-facing scoop (WRX style) would've worked perfectly for this car. Also, on the rear, the Shelby logo is WAY TOO BIG along with the little spoiler which is also too big...with the spoiler and the large lettering, it looks almost like a cartoon. There's other things probably, but whatever. Anyway, its a new generation Mustang and its appearance overall is amazing. The classic Cobra on the left side of the grill brings back some non-existent (to me) memories and it does still keep that awesome heritage design that just pulls me in more and more every time I see it. And no matter the appearance, the horsepower is like a magnet. With "more than" 450 horsepower (I heard it was close to 500), this GT500 grabs me by throat and chokes me until I can't help but stare. Even though Ford could've done much better, this is good enough
I never thought I would say this, but the Cobra no longer looks better than the GT. That sucks.
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